Course Learning Targets

The following 15 targets are the expectations for what you will learn this semester in Visual Art & Technology. We will be tracking your growth with a survey taken the first week of school, after quarter and before the final portfolio review.

1 I honestly think about the elements and principles of art before/while I am making my art.
2  My work is stronger because I use the elements and principles of art/design.
3  My work communicates an idea to an audience because I have made good choices with the elements and principle.

4 I feel confident using adobe programs and online tools to make digital art.
5  I feel confident using digital cameras.
6  I feel confident using digital tools to compose and edit photographs.
7  I feel confident creating designs in adobe illustrator.
8  I can effectively use digital tools to make art that communicates my ideas to an audience.

9  I take many photographs so I can explore a wide range of options to choose from for my final project.
10  I feel confident in my ability to choose my strongest photographs.
11  I honestly experiment with many design choices before choosing my best option.
12  I honestly research examples of graphic design and photography for inspiration.
13  I honestly have used several methods to come up with ideas.
14  I feel comfortable giving constructive feedback to my peers.
15  I am willing to consider feedback and revise my work.

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