Monday, May 8, 2017

Tuesday May 9/ Wednesday May 10 : Sticker finishing and Rising finishing

Two things to do today!!
1. Get your Rising Work on black board, fill in nametag and hang on the boards.
2. Print your stickers, put in portfolio, add to the folder for your class
1st hour
3rd hour

1- Rising
Find your work. Trim if necessary.
Find a black board that fits it. Tape onto board neatly.
Tape your nametag on the bottom right corner of the board.
Hang on one of the display boards in the room.

2- Stickers.
1. Finalize your letter size ( 8.5x11") page with any and all stickers you want to print.
2. From Illustrator, print to the HPM 750 printer, Letter size, Fit to Page.
3. When Guss says OK, hit print.
4. Go get your stickers. Put tape on it. Cut out stickers. Yay you have stickers!
5. Save for Web as a JPG for your portfolio and put in your portfolio.

Coming up next... Photomontage...Check some artists out

Dariusz Klimczak
Frederik Odman- montage artist with sweet website.
A cool photomontage-est
Another cool photomontager- surreal landscapes

Things we will do with Photoshop first...

Birds with Arms

Celebrities without teeth

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