Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday May 16: Finishing Photoshop practice & Montage prep

By practicing Birds with Arms you should be able to (in Photoshop):
Use Layer Mask
Use Image/Adjustment for ind layer colors
Use Layer Adjustments for overall color
Use Clone stamp
Clone stamp how to (fast forward to 50 seconds in)
Use the Spot Healing brush

Remember- never believe a photo ever again! Want more?
Search for Celebrity BeforeAfter...

Today we will all begin the Photomontage project.

Mixed Messages Photomontage Targets:
My work is stronger because I use the elements and principles of art/design.
I can effectively use digital tools to make art that communicates my ideas to an audience.
I can make creative work (Imaginative Expression) that is successful in Meaning & Function.

Where do you begin?  Research thematic choices:



Personal Meaning or Metaphor

Personal Paradise or Nightmare

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