Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday May 11: Photoshop practice

Did you know there is an art show tomorrow?
Rising Artist Show 6-8pm in the Media Center. Free! and Food! and your Art!
Come get your sticker!!


Finish your stickers today if you can.
Print to HPM750. Fit to Page where it says Scaling.
Did you put your JPG in the class folder and your portfolio??

Photoshop Masking & Montaging : Practice more with combining images
How to?
Photoshop/ New File/ 5x7" 300 res
File/Place the bird (or bear)
File/Place the arms (or beak)
Follow along to learn the Masking tools

Birds with arms

well blended

poorly blended

 Other bird combos

Animals without necks

Bears with beaks

Extra/Above and Beyond...Celebrities without eyebrows... or teeth

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