Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday April 26 : Finish your portfolio for MIDTERM

I would like to start grading portfolios for midterms today and finish on Friday.

THIS is what you need to earn a B standard:
1 Geofilter Mockup
1 Photoshop Tablet drawing
Monogram Thumbs Step 1 (min 12 designs, 16 for extra)
Monogram Roughs Step 2 (min 3 designs)
Monogram Final Step 3
Moment photo shoot contact (24 images at least 18 new for extra)
Moment Collage (2)

Identity Reflection

You need above plus 3 of these for an A standard:
Extra Geofilter Mockup
Extra Photoshop tablet work
More than 16 monogram thumbnails
Extra Final Monogram Step 3 page
More than 24 NEW shots on Moment Contact Sheet
More than 2 Moment Collages
New Cover page with Monogram at start of portfolio

For an A+ you need all of the B list and one extra from each project:
Extra Geofilter
Extra tablet drawing
Extra Final Step 3 Monogram
Extra new Moment images on contact sheet
Extra Collage
New Cover page with monogram

Done for midterm?
Practice Pen Tool! Try to make these

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