Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday April 12 : Monograms Step Two for sharing and voting

Things to try and get done today:
1. Today your goal is to complete your Monogram Step Two file and SHARE for voting. 
Remember the MUSTS:
  • Use 3-4 of your best thumbnails.
  • Show that design in black/white and at least one colorized version
  • Clean up your design (create outlines, cut out space)
  • Use intentional color palettes
  • Number each design.
When it is done, save as JPG and add to your class periods slideshow.

If you have forgotten how to add color with new swatches, watch the video

2. If you are done with that, update your portfolio (See MINE) with your Step one and Step Two.

3. Create a new cover page for your portfolio using your monogram in some way.

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