Monday, April 17, 2017

Tuesday April 18 : Survey (again), Photoshoot & Contact Sheet, Step Three Monograms

Here is what you should work on today:
1. Please take THIS SURVEY if you didn't the other day- I only had 17 responses and I need more!
2. Photoshoot- Please create a folder called "Moment Photoshoot" with your 24 images on Drive.
*Get your images off your device (if not in Google Drive) HOW TO VIDEO HERE
3. Review of how to make a contact sheet (CONTACT SHEET VIDEO HERE)
4. Put your contact sheet in your portfolio for Midterm Grading.
5. Continue Step 3 for your final Monogram

Last minute ideas you can do at home tonite!!
Listening to music
Doing homework
Walking/Ride to school
Being outside
Playing an instrument
Time on the computer or phone
Watching TV
Hanging out with your pet, friend, family
Eating, cooking
Talking on the phone
Snapchating, texting, Facetiming, etc

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