Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday April 13: Share step 2/ Capture a Moment photoshoot

Identity Unit:
Part One- Personal Monogram Logo (in progress now)
Part Two- Capture a Moment photo shoot or photo gather
Part Three- Identity Collages (using both images and monogram)
Extras: Monogram keychain vector, phone wallpaper design

I take many photographs so I can explore a wide range of options to choose from for my final project.
I feel confident using digital cameras (whatever device you have).
My work communicates an idea to an audience because I have made good choices with the elements and principles.

Capture a Moment expectations & examples

By Tuesday next week, you need to take and gather 24 photos that capture a moment.
For an A at midterm- take 18-24 NEW images of moment (can gather additional)
For a B at midterm- gather 24 older images of a moment

What is capturing a moment?
Images of the THINGS or WHO
Images of the WHERE
Images of the WHAT

How do you capture a moment?
Closeups of textures/colors
Interesting angles/ viewpoints
Depth of field (focus)
Rule of thirds (subject matter)

With the rest of the time today, make sure you share your Monogram Rough Step 2

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