Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday April 17: Step 2 to Step 3... Why does opinion matter?

STEP 3. 1 Comp sheet with logo in b/w, color, 2" and 5", designed layout

Next you will share your Rough monograms with your classmates.

Remember, though this design is for you, public opinion always comes with new design.
And sometimes, it's not good.
Logo redesigns that have created a stir...
When Instagram changed and everyone hated it...

Designing the new Instagram logo

Your classmates are your "test" audience and give you feedback on which design is the most successful in their opinion!

Step One: Open your class's slideshow
Take a look at your classmates designs and give them feedback on the strongest design in your opinion. *Add a comment on their page and just add the number of the design you think is the strongest.

Step Two: In your portfolio, show the data of the results. How many votes did you get for each design? Which will you move forward with and why?

Step Three: Create your Final Comp page with the logo you choose to move forward with.
This page should be
Well Designed
Show variety of the logo (colors, size, usage)
Be unified (intentional color, layout)

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