Sunday, April 9, 2017

Monday April 10th : Monogram thumbs to roughs

You are currently working through the Three Step Process to create the best identity logo you can.
Step One- create at least 12-15 thumbnails showing

Are you stuck? Read the questions below... did you try all these things?

Then begin Step Two- Roughs. Perfect and add Color to at least 3 best designs.

A rough is where a designer edits, perfects, alters and varies an idea.
1. Open a new file and name it "Monogram Rough".
2. Copy or drag over 3 or 4 thumbs you decided were your strongest.

3. Alt/Drag each design to create a 2nd copy.
4. Add color to the 2nd copy.
5. Feel free to create multiples of different color attempt.
6. Add text of your full name in a typeface that complements the design.

Don't forget to use color palettes like   or Adobe Color!!!

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