Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Thursday March 9 : Geofilters Techniques and stipulations

Target: I feel confident creating designs in Adobe Illustrator.
For the last two days we have worked through a list of techniques you can use on your Geofilter. Let's finish today with some text techniques.

Target: My work communicates an idea to an audience because I have made good choices with the elements and principles.

Using one of your own pictures (of you in a place or of a place), create a geofilter in Illustrator. It can be a legit filter (and we can actually upload it to Snapchat) or a fake one just for your portfolio.

Design in a 1080x1920 pixel format if you have trouble with
Use text and manipulate it to create interest.
Add decorative elements with shapes, patterns, and/or brushes from demos in class.

To finish- 2 versions needed:
1. Submitted version
File/Save for Web the original design (with no picture) as a PNG and share with me for submission in THIS folder. We will submit tomorrow!!!

2. MockUp
Integrate the design into/over the photograph.
Save the mockup as a JPG and put in your portfolio.

Make as many as you want!!!

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