Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday March 13 : Quarter grades and Tablets

By tomorrow I would like you to have your Quarter Portfolios ready for grading.
Soon I will look over your portfolios and have a brief conference with you about your work and grade.

First- make sure you complete your Quarter Reflection
Next - make sure your portfolio has everything on this list for a B

Last- check which day next week you have a conference with me.

Today our target is: I feel confident using adobe programs and online tools to make digital art.

So we will spend the next week or so learning to control a new tool, the Wacom Tablet.

Project Goal: Create at least one image in Photoshop, using brushes, that shows hand rendering over a photograph or integrated with a photograph. 

Using a reference photo

integrated with a photo

But before that, we play (purposefully explore technical media skills).

Can you:
Set up the right size file (8x10, 300 resolution, CMYK)
Right click to choose brush size/type
Find the Brush palette to control options and pressure
Create a new layer(s) to draw on
Fill a layer with color for ground
Lock your reference layer/ adjust opacity for easy viewing
Control value of your brush
Control color of your brush
Find new brushes to use in Brush Presets (Gear in Brush palette)
Find new brushes online to load into PSD

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