Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wednesday February 22 : Contact Sheets and Edits

Goal #1: Complete this survey.

Goal #2: Look at your images and choose your BEST. 
How do you know? Which ones do you like the best? Which look the most interesting? Which convey your word best? Ask a neighbor!
It probably needs a little adjusting so then you need to edit.

Goal #4: Edit at least three pictures to put a Before/After in your portfolio. Edit for CONTRAST, COLOR and/or COMPOSITION (cropping).


PicMonkey is good for uploading images from your H Drive and saving back to it.
BeFunky is good for opening from Drive and saving back to Drive.

Open an image in Drive and choose Open With. Connect to More Apps if you don't see Befunky. When you select BeFunky, it should open directly into the app.

Make sure you save the edited image as a new file name!! Like "Jump edit".

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