Monday, February 20, 2017

Tuesday February 21 : Midterm and Moving on

Welcome back after our mini Spring Break!

Things today:
1. Midterm Check... check Skyward. 
A midterm grade of A means you had all required and two extra
A midterm grade of B means you had all required
A midterm grade of  C means you missed something. Check the Comments in your portfolio for what.

What does that mean? 
To earn above a C at quarter (last week of March) you MUST complete all required work- even late stuff.
To earn a B at quarter you need all required so far and that assigned before quarter.
To earn an A at quarter you need all required and extras... usually about five. You can include the extras you have so far.
How do you get an A+? Try extras for everything!!

2. How are we doing with Word Its? Let's check and add to your portfolio
HERE's mine

3. Shoot it. SOME of you still don't have pictures. That makes me feel like this.

4. Let's talk Editing pictures. Download the BeFunky app in Google Apps.

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