Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Thursday February 23 : Word it to Shoot it and on to MASH IT (typography on photography)

Today here are your priorities:
1. Turn in Contact Sheet (due today for Skyward check or zero)   
2. Edit at least THREE images and put Before/Afters in your Portfolio
3. Begin to follow me to create the Mash It

Moving on to Mash it!!
My work is stronger because I use the elements and principles of art/design.
(I can create a strong COMPOSITION using EMPHASIS and UNITY.)
My work communicates an idea to an audience because I have made good choices with the elements and principles.
(I can communicate and idea to an audience through photography and design.

Your image should be edited to better convey the meaning of the word, and have a space (positive or negative) for your word. You should integrate the word into the image to create UNITY.

Positive space (word is ON the object)

Negative (word is in the empty space)

How do you do it?
  1. Remember- photo editing is done in PicMonkey or BeFunky and typography/paths are done in ILLUSTRATOR.  Edit your photograph first and save it to your H drive.
  2. Create a new 4x6" document in Adobe Illustrator.
  3. File/Place your edited photo and hit the Embed button.
  4. You can design directly into the photo OR...
  5. File/Open your Word it on a new file tab.
  6. Select the letters of your word it to copy over to your photography. Ctrl C to copy.
  7. On your photo file tab, Ctrl V to paste.
  8. You may want to right click/ungroup your letters or Ctrl G to group objects as you work.
  9. Use the BLACK ARROW (Selection Tool) to change size, change colors and move letters. Don’t forget to double click to go to Isolation mode if you need to..
  10. Use the Eyedropper tool to choose colors from your photo to keep the color scheme harmonious.
  11. Concentrate on a strong COMPOSITION and creating EMPHASIS and UNITY in your final design.

Your goal is to further enhance the meaning of your Word.

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