Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday February 13 : WORD

Midterm portfolio must be updated for grading by 3pm today.
24 images MUST be here by tomorrow's class.
.......If you want to deal with your images now, feel free to look at instructions HERE, but we will do this as a class tomorrow.

Today- we will begin dabbling in...
UNIT 2  ///  WORD

Which will include Typography in Illustrator, taking digital pictures, editing digital images in Photoshop and combining type and images to communicate an idea.
Here are the targets for the entire unit.

Let's begin with Purposeful Exploration of Typography and the Technical Media Skills of Adobe Illustrator.

In your NOTES, find some examples of Typography- cool looking art made with
letterforms and words only.


See the left links for more sites about typography.

Research Visual Onomatopoeia as well...

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