Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday February 10 : What are you going to do today??

For Monday I need to see at least 24 pictures from you.
Your scavenger hunt list is HERE.
Show me these things while you explore

  • Rule of Thirds
  • Framing
  • Light & Shadow
  • Focus

Several things you can do today:

Option ONE: Make sure your radial designs are done and in your portfolio.
Can't remember how to do this?
Here is how you change color of individual Radial Designs

Here is how you make your final Radial Design page

Finished example

Option TWO:
Make sure your portfolio matches mine for projects. Make up any late work.
Do extra work for an A. What do you need?

Your portfolio needs for a B:
Photoshop cover
Crazy 8
Less Is More
Radial Colors
Design Reflection

For an A... you need two extras...
Extra Crazy 8
Extra Less is More
New Radial
Extra color schemes with labels


Option THREE:
Play some art games!
How good are you at matching COLOR?
How about ordering COLORS?

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