Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February 15 : Words Words Words

Portfolios are being graded!

Today's Goal:
I can use new tools in Adobe Illustrator to create designs with text.

Today's Learning Target:
I feel confident creating designs in Adobe Illustrator

Word as Image (by Ji Lee) from jilee on Vimeo.

We will continue to play in Illustrator so you can have a bunch of new tools to use for the Word It project coming up.

You should be able to:
Change Font
Create Outlines
Use Isolation Mode
Use Direct Selection Arrow (white arrow)
Change Font
Add anchor points/Convert anchor points
Slice a shape/ Pathfinder tool
Free Transform, Transform, Warp and other Effects
Change color (fill and stroke)
Use transparency
Use gradient

Word It Assignment
Create three designs in Illustrator.
Each is 6" x 6".
You may ONLY use the letterforms to design.
Save each design in your H Drive as an Illustrator file.
*more encouraged for an A at quarter.

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