Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wednesday January 24 : Make that Crazy 8 crazy

BIG TARGET: I feel confident using Adobe programs and online tools to make digital art.
I can explore more basic tools in Photoshop.
I can create an image that has a focal point (emphasis).

Today you are to finish your Crazy 8.
You will complete eight layers with 8 different techniques:
(layer 1) Transparency
(layer 2) Blend Modes
(layer 3) Image Adjustments
(layer 4) Selection Shapes and delete
(layer 5 and 6) Eraser/ Eraser Brush
(layer 7) Paint with Brushes (make the brush transluscent?)
(layer 8) Filters

When you finish each technique you can rearrange the layers and play with how you want the outcome to look. When it looks the way you want, save it.

After you have updated your saved Photoshop file, save as a JPG.
File/Save As. Choose JPG and save to your H Drive.

If you are done, you can play with Photoshop or make a 2nd Crazy 8. Another attempt will move you toward an A for the next grading period.

HERE is how to make a new Crazy 8 piece.

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