Monday, January 23, 2017

Tuesday January 24 : Crazy Eights

BIG TARGET: I feel confident using Adobe programs and online tools to make digital art.
I can explore more basic tools in Photoshop.
I can create an image that has a focal point (emphasis).

Yesterday you downloaded images to your H drive to use in the Crazy Eight project.

We created a New File that is 8x8 inches, 188 res, RGB color.
We File/Placed each layer, and hit Enter.

Today we will learn some Photoshop basic tools:
Shift to constrain proportion
Move Tool
Auto Select
Layer Visibility (Eye)
(layer 1) Transparency
(layer 2) Blend Modes
(layer 3) Image Adjustments
(layer 4) Selection Shapes and delete
(layer 5) Eraser
(layer 6 and 7) Brushes
(layer 8) Filters

***If you still need images, use mine for today's demo!!
Then find your own when we have work time to replace them.

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