Sunday, January 29, 2017

Monday January 30 : Extra/ Make up Day

Happy Monday! You have a few things to make sure you have done today.

1. Your Crazy 8 should be in your portfolio by now. If not, finish it and insert it after the Quarter One Artwork slide.

2. Finish your portfolio cover and save as a JPG. Insert that on the first slide of your portfolio.


3. Use Google Images (Modifications allowed, large size files) to find one images we will use for our next project.

The images must have TEXTURE.
Find one image of each of the following: An Animal, Something that is growing out of the ground, Something that is natural but not man made, Something that is manmade. Save in your H Drive in a new folder called Less is More.

ex. Zebra, Sunflower, Rock formation, Car engine

If you would like to move toward an A for midterm, make an extra Crazy 8.
Forgot how?

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