Thursday, January 26, 2017

Friday January 27 : Portfolio Cover in Photoshop

Open your portfolio. Check yours against mine (find in LINKS on my gussvat site).
Organize your Home Directory Folder. Make a folder for Crazy 8s and Portfolio Covers.
Move files in to them.

Today we will continue to practice your Photoshop skills one more time to make you a Portfolio cover for your Midterm portfolio check.

I honestly think about the elements and principles of art before/while I am making my art.
I feel confident using adobe programs and online tools to make digital art.
  • Your portfolio cover will be a JPG that goes right on to of your first slide.
  • It will be 15 inches wide and 11 inches tall at 150 resolution in Photoshop.
  • Use the new Text tool to typeVAT Portfolio or Visual Art & Technology portfolio and your name.
  • Use any skills we learned in Crazy 8s.
  • Use images that are labeled Reuse with Modifications allowed
  • Make it look UNIFIED (like everything fits together well).
  • Save as both a PSD and JPG file.
by the time class ends...
you will have your Crazy 8 and your Portfolio cover in your Google Drive portfolio.
You will Share this portfolio with me.

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