Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day Two: On your own...

As I mentioned, I'm not here today I'm setting up our District Art Show.

So you are on. your. own.

Yesterday we started our Research Notes for class. Today your goal is to finish those notes.

What kind of art do we cover in VAT? Add a slide for each
  1. Photography
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Typography
  4. Digital Illustration
  5. Animation/ GIF/ Moving Image
Each slide should:
  • Have words. What is this about? Find a quote or definition that makes sense to you.
  • Find images show examples of the art, and as an option, could contrast that definition (ex. random snapshot vs photomontage made in Photoshop). At least THREE.
  • Make that slide look as organized and as attractive as you wish.

See my example sides HERE.

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Check out some example portfolios from a previous VAT students; you will be making one very similar to this!
Example ONE
Example TWO

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