Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day Three

Thanks for being on your own yesterday; let's check those notes!
Share them with me before you leave.

This semester you will learn a TON... about many things.
These are your semester targets,
and you'll discover...
>What types of art YOU find fun!

>The Internet and its resources... (Google everything!)

>The computer and programs... (Adobe programs) PhotoshopIllustrator 
Photography and Design... separately and together

To be successful in this course:
  • Check this website DAILY- bookmark it by clicking the star on the URL line
  • Check your district Google email and your Google Drive.
  • Ask questions verbally or though email ( a lot.
  • Try everything... you might not love it but you have to try it
  • Improve and show growth in the Five Criteria
  • Do lots of research! Collect references in Google Slides (My example Note HERE)
  • Make lots of art and keep up with the portfolio. (Example portfolio HERE)

I ask that you understand and sign the course syllabus (share or email this home)

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