Thursday, June 1, 2017

Spring 2017 Final Exam period

Happy last day of class!! I really hope you enjoyed VAT; I loved having you in class.

Here's what we need to get done today:
1. Check your quarter four grade. All set?
2. Check your Final Exam grade. All set?
3. Add your best montage HERE  *Add titles in comments? Winner gets a keychain!!
4. Please vote for new Principles of Art posters HERE
5. Did you get your Rising Artist Show work? Take it home or recycle.
6. Do you need to print anything else?
7. How to get info off your H Drive HERE

Did you like the video from Tuesday?
Learn more about the artist HERE Jesse Michael Newman
Where to learn more about Photoshop 

Where to learn more about Illustrator
Timelapse videos

If you're interested in getting Adobe CC (Photoshop and Illustrator) at home
*One month free trial!

Taking more art?
Check out Photo 1 with Mango
Design 1 with Guss

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday May 30th : Last day of class!!

See you at the Final Exam period:
1st Thursday 9:25am
3rd Friday 9:25am

I am putting Quarter portfolio grades in now.

For the Final, make sure:

* You have your Final Exam Share file updated ( it may be graded BEFORE the final)
*You come on time!
*You can make a silly GIF or meme in class
*Or do whatever you need to do for other finals
*You are ok with maybe helping us clean?

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday May 26: Finish up your Montage final presentation

It's Friday!  Next week is:  Tuesday class, Final Exam period

Tuesday- wrap up Quarter grades, make sure Final is done, Final challenge

Final- vote for Principles posters, share Final challenge, back up work on Drive, take home Rising work, help clean!!
1st hour.. Thursday 9:25 am
3rd hour...Friday 9:25am

Let's check your Final Exam Share.... done?  Here is a good example.

Did you even know Photoshop was so powerful??

Have a great long weekend... see you Tuesday!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Thursday May 25th : Montage studio time

Have you updated your Final Share slideshow?
Did you finish the writing part?

Work on your montage(s) or extra work for Final today.

I feel confident using adobe programs and online tools to make digital art.
My work is stronger because I use the elements and principles of art/design.
I can effectively use digital tools to make art that communicates my ideas to an audience.
I can use Juxtaposition and metaphor to create a photomontage.
I can manipulate and use photoshop tools to create a believable montaged scene.

DEPTH: (size relationships)

DEPTH of FIELD (blur background)



Helpful tools to know:
Layer Adjustments
Layer Styles
Perspective and Transform
Clone tool
Pen tool

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wednesday May 24 : Montage- what else can you do?

Your montage was to demonstrate:
Combination of at least three images
Creation of a believable setting
Creation of a strong composition using Rule of Thirds, Framing, etc.
Creation of believable lighting, color, shadows and highlights
Creation of interesting textures, vignettes, overlays etc.

How much of this timelapse video techniques do you recognize?

Monday, May 22, 2017

Tuesday May 23 : Final Exam Presentation & Goodbye Seniors!!

Here's what you need to finish the semester...

*Share a JPG of what you have for your montage with me TODAY before you leave.
*Upload any files in your H Drive (Home Directory) to your Google Drive before you graduate.
*Your Google drive stays yours for ONE year. Transfer any files you want to your own personal Google account or flash drive.

Make a copy of THIS presentation.
Add your name on the first slide.
Share with me RIGHT NOW.

Let's go over what you need to do with this for your final exam grade.

Monday May 22 : Quarter Portfolio Due/ Growth Survey

Happy last Monday of school!!!!

Please start by taking this criteria growth survey ONE LAST TIME for me PLEASE!!!

And remember- today is the due date for your Quarter Portfolio.
Compare yours to mine ONE LAST TIME!!!

Let's continue with the Montages.
Have you tried to:
Adjust colors on the individual layers?
Used Warp/Perspective to change angles?
Used paintbrush to add shadows or highlights?
Used burn or dodge tool to darken or lighten?

Have you found your Rising Artist Show VAT work? Take it home!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Friday May 19 : Quarter Portfolio and Montage

I can use Photoshop to create new and adjusted imagery.
I can use the Elements & Principles to improve my art.

As you work on your Montage, ask yourself:
Does it have three images minimum (five for an A)?
Does it use Rule of Thirds?
Does it have a clear focal point?
Does it look unified in color, values, textures, etc?

Quarter Two Portfolio
New Meaning Reflection will be completed
All due Monday for a B, extras for an A
Here is the list of what you need for Quarter Two Portfolio check

*** SENIORS your portfolio MUST be completed by 3pm MONDAY.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Thursday May 18 : Survey & Working

Two things to do today:

1. Please complete this Teacher survey about me- I love getting feedback!!

2. Continue to build Montage
Need DEPTH (shadows, lighting, etc)
Need UNITY (colors, vignettes)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Wednesday May 17 : Photomontage How To

Today is about the logistics of how to start your montage.

Before you start you should have:
An idea of what theme you are starting from (Dark, Humor, Personal or Place)
A folder of images to begin working with

Google image search (modifications allowed, large size)
Flickr (if our unblocking system works)

1. Open Photoshop
2. File/New  4x5 inch file, 300 resolution
3. File/Place in an image for a background. *Rasterize the layer
4. File/Place in additional images to add new layers. *Rasterize the layers
5. Use masks, erasers, pen tool selections, etc to cut and paste images.
6. Use Image/ Adjustments to harmonize colors
7. Use paint tools to add shadows and highlights
8. Use Adjustment Layers and filters to change overall image.

Tuesday May 16: Finishing Photoshop practice & Montage prep

By practicing Birds with Arms you should be able to (in Photoshop):
Use Layer Mask
Use Image/Adjustment for ind layer colors
Use Layer Adjustments for overall color
Use Clone stamp
Clone stamp how to (fast forward to 50 seconds in)
Use the Spot Healing brush

Remember- never believe a photo ever again! Want more?
Search for Celebrity BeforeAfter...

Today we will all begin the Photomontage project.

Mixed Messages Photomontage Targets:
My work is stronger because I use the elements and principles of art/design.
I can effectively use digital tools to make art that communicates my ideas to an audience.
I can make creative work (Imaginative Expression) that is successful in Meaning & Function.

Where do you begin?  Research thematic choices:



Personal Meaning or Metaphor

Personal Paradise or Nightmare

Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday May 15 :Bird with Arms in your portfolio

Happy Monday!! I'm out 1st hour, but please make it a goal to finish your bird with arms today.
Put it in your portfolio for check next week. One required; more encouraged.

HERE is a video of the entire process...

Your goal:
A 5x7 300 resolution file
Create  the illusion of a Bird with Arms.
Use Masking, Layers, Clone Stamp and Spot Healing brush.
Put in your portfolio.

Extra options:

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Friday May 12 : Rising Show and Birds!

See you tonite!  Come get your sticker!

Today we will ALL work in Photoshop on Birds. Except 3rd hour- Meet the Deans.
Monday- I will be out 1st hour.

HERE is a video of the entire process...

Your goal:
A 5x7 300 resolution file
Create  the illusion of a Bird with Arms.
Use Masking, Layers, Clone Stamp and Spot Healing brush.
Put in your portfolio.

Thursday May 11: Photoshop practice

Did you know there is an art show tomorrow?
Rising Artist Show 6-8pm in the Media Center. Free! and Food! and your Art!
Come get your sticker!!


Finish your stickers today if you can.
Print to HPM750. Fit to Page where it says Scaling.
Did you put your JPG in the class folder and your portfolio??

Photoshop Masking & Montaging : Practice more with combining images
How to?
Photoshop/ New File/ 5x7" 300 res
File/Place the bird (or bear)
File/Place the arms (or beak)
Follow along to learn the Masking tools

Birds with arms

well blended

poorly blended

 Other bird combos

Animals without necks

Bears with beaks

Extra/Above and Beyond...Celebrities without eyebrows... or teeth

Monday, May 8, 2017

Tuesday May 9/ Wednesday May 10 : Sticker finishing and Rising finishing

Two things to do today!!
1. Get your Rising Work on black board, fill in nametag and hang on the boards.
2. Print your stickers, put in portfolio, add to the folder for your class
1st hour
3rd hour

1- Rising
Find your work. Trim if necessary.
Find a black board that fits it. Tape onto board neatly.
Tape your nametag on the bottom right corner of the board.
Hang on one of the display boards in the room.

2- Stickers.
1. Finalize your letter size ( 8.5x11") page with any and all stickers you want to print.
2. From Illustrator, print to the HPM 750 printer, Letter size, Fit to Page.
3. When Guss says OK, hit print.
4. Go get your stickers. Put tape on it. Cut out stickers. Yay you have stickers!
5. Save for Web as a JPG for your portfolio and put in your portfolio.

Coming up next... Photomontage...Check some artists out

Dariusz Klimczak
Frederik Odman- montage artist with sweet website.
A cool photomontage-est
Another cool photomontager- surreal landscapes

Things we will do with Photoshop first...

Birds with Arms

Celebrities without teeth

Monday May 8 : Rising Show piece

The Rising Artist Show will be Friday May 12th in the Media Center from 6-8pm.
We hope you can make it! Bring family/friends!

Prepare a piece for the Rising Artist Show
If you want to print (anything without a photo in it)
Word It
Portfolio cover design
tablet drawing
Monogram logos
Sticker designs

DO THIS>>>>  Open Illustrator. Create a new 11x17 (tabloid size) document.
Open the original piece in Illustrator.
Copy/Paste over what you want on the page.
Design to fill the space.
Print to HPM 750 printer. Make sure dimensions are for 11x17 (look at the preview) and Fit to Page.
It will print in this room.
Give to me.

If you want to print (anything with a photo in it)
Crazy Eight
Shoot It Photo
Mash It
Profile Mask
Moment Collage

DO THIS>>> Open Photoshop. File/New and create a 5x7" 300 res doc.
File/Place in your original Photoshop file.
Fit to the space. (**remember it is OK to leave white space).
File/ Save as... choose a JPG and slide up the resolution to the highest setting. Save to your H drive.
Add the JPG to THIS folder.  Hit New/File upload and choose the JPG.
TODAY is the ONLY day to submit to print at Sams Club!!!!

Tomorrow we will prepare to hang them up.

The Rising Artist Show will be Friday May 12th in the Media Center from 6-8pm.
We hope you can make it! Bring family/friends!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Friday May 5 : Sticker developing

I am not here today but you have studio time to work on stickers to your liking today.

You have been doing great!!
Remember, if you don't know how to do something, Google probably does.

Mark your calendars!!
Rising Artist Show in one week!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Thursday May 4: Stickers

Let's go put up the 4x5 Show today!!

Juxtaposition... combining things to create new images or perhaps new meaning

Sticker GOALS:
Create a juxtaposed sticker from 2 or more reference photos using vectors & shapes
Use effective color schemes to create visually appealing stickers
Use these skills and learned experience in the future to create your own ORIGINAL designs.
Create a letter size page full of print ready stickers of your choice.

Don't forget things like using SHAPES, PATTERNS & GRADIENTS.
Your stickers can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.
You can make as many as you like that will fit on one page.
Have fun!!