Thursday, September 21, 2017

Friday September 22 : Ketchup Day!

Use today to catch up!!

You need to:

1. Finish the 3 Word designs
2. Create extra designs for extra in your portfolio
3. Play with and learn how BeFunky works

*We did this yesterday but if you didn't...
Go to a new tab.
Go to the top left corner where it says Apps with a bunch of squares and click it.
Go to the Webstore and type in Befunky
Look for the App and load it into your Chrome.

Then when you are in Drive and click on one of your photos, you can go to Open With at the top and choose Befunky to edit in.

Artwork by Jenni Carlisle

Thursday September 21 : Contact Sheet last call and Words

Things today:
1. Video interest survey
2. Scavenger Hunt Contact Sheets due today!
Some of you still don't have pictures. That makes me feel like this.

If you still need to make your contact sheets, the video on how to upload pics from a device is HERE and the video on how to create a contact sheet with the Snipping Tool is HERE.

(remember you are supposed to have taken 24 images, 2 of each Scavenger Hunt Item)

3.How are we doing with Words?  You need THREE files minimum.

Before we go... go to the Google Web Store and add BeFunky to your apps so you can quickly choose them.

If you have time tomorrow, play with both apps and try editing images as you like.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday September 20: Word and Illustrator

Two things today:
1. Share your contact sheet with me in Team Drive- due Thursday!
2. Studio time to work on your Word It assignment.

Today's Learning Target:
I feel confident creating designs in Adobe Illustrator

GOAL: Create three new files in Illustrator. Each has a word that has been manipulated to look like what it means (visual onomatopoeia).  Each file is 6x6".

You should be able to:
Change Font
Change color (fill and stroke)
Create Outlines
Use Isolation Mode
Add anchor points
Use Direct Selection Arrow (white arrow)
Stretch and alter anchor points
Warp and other Effects
Use transparency
Use gradient
Slice a word/ Pathfinder tool

Don't remember how? Click the links for videos, ask someone or look it up!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Tuesday September 19 : Words Words Words

Please don't forget to add your Scavenger Hunt Contact Sheet to our Team Drive folder. Need directions? See the videos from yesterday's post.

Today's Goal:
I can use new tools in Adobe Illustrator to create designs with text.

Today's Learning Target:
I feel confident creating designs in Adobe Illustrator

Word as Image (by Ji Lee) from jilee on Vimeo.

We will continue to play in Illustrator so you can have a bunch of new tools to use for the Word It project coming up.

You should be able to:
Change Font
Create Outlines
Use Isolation Mode
Use Direct Selection Arrow (white arrow)
Change Font
Add anchor points/Convert anchor points
Slice a shape/ Pathfinder tool
Free Transform, Transform, Warp and other Effects
Change color (fill and stroke)
Use transparency
Use gradient

Word It Assignment
Create three designs in Illustrator.
Each is 6" x 6".
You may ONLY use the letterforms to design.
Save each design in your H Drive as an Illustrator file.
*more encouraged for an A for your portfolio.

Monday September 18 : Shoot It Contact Sheet

By now you should have:
1. Started your new Illustrator Portfolio cover page. Missed it? HERE's how
2. Taken your 24  pictures and have them with you today.

I take many photographs so I can explore a wide range of options to choose from for my final project.
I feel confident using digital cameras.

GOAL- create a Shoot it Contact Sheet and share with me by Thursday.

If you have your pictures, please follow these directions.


Need to pull your images down from Google Drive to your H drive? HERE is how...
*BUT, you have more storage in your Google Drive, so only pull down what you want to use.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday September 15 : WORD

24 images MUST be here by tomorrow's class.
.......If you want to deal with your images now, feel free to look at instructions HERE, but we will do this as a class tomorrow.

Can you please take this SURVEY about VIDEO for us?

Today- we will begin dabbling in...
UNIT 2  ///  WORD

Which will include Typography in Illustrator, taking digital pictures, editing digital images in Photoshop and combining type and images to communicate an idea.

Let's begin with Purposeful Exploration of Typography and the Technical Media Skills of Adobe Illustrator.

In your NOTES, find some examples of Typography- cool looking art made with
letterforms and words only.


See the left links for more sites about typography.

Research Visual Onomatopoeia as well...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Thursday September 14 : Start thinking about communicating and photography

So far we have been making cool looking art. 
Now we are going to start to create art that communicates something.

I feel confident using digital cameras.
I take many photographs so I can explore a wide range of options to choose from for my final project.
My work communicates an idea to an audience because I have made good choices with the elements and principle.

From now on, we want you to MAKE a photograph, not just TAKE a photograph.

How can you do that?

Shoot It Scavenger Hunt Assignment
In our notes, let's explore some ways you can instantly make your photographs look better.
Rule of Thirds
Light and Shadow

Your task is to go on a "Scavenger Hunt" for the following.
Take 2 images of the same thing for each prompt.
  1. Something close
  2. Something far
  3. Looking up
  4. Looking down
  5. Extreme Zoom
  6. Natural thing 
  7. Manmade thing
  8. Shadows
  9. Face
  10. Lines
  11. Shapes
  12. Something warm or cold
You should come back Monday with 24 images- DON'T DELETE ANY OF THEM!!!