Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday October 20 : Tablet Drawings and Geofilters

Happy Friday!!

Continue to work on your tablet drawing
TARGET:  I feel confident using adobe programs and online tools to make digital art.

remember to think about





Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday October 19 : Geofitler submission and Tablet drawings

Target: I feel confident using adobe programs and online tools to make digital art.

Steps to set up tablet to do a full range value drawing:
1. Open new file, 10" wide, 8" tall, 300 res, CMYK color.
2. Add a new layer. File/Place your photo here. Lower opacity to 60-80%
3. Add a new layer. Brush it with a mid gray tone until filled.
4. Add a new layer. Draw on this layer ONLY in black or white.
5. Hide your gray layer as you work. Reveal it if you like the way it looks.
6. Use multiple brushes to render on your photo. You can draw realistically or doodle/design over it.
7. You can keep the photo visible or hide it when done.
8. Use a variety of brushes and marks. Remember to use libraries or try free brushes from online.

Who is ready to submit a geofilter???

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday October 18th : Tablet and photoshop brushes

Hi there- I'm out 7th hour today getting back from a field trip; I might be here before the period ends.

Continue working on your tablet drawing idea/practice.

Here's how to set it up again:

Here's how to use brushes from online again:

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday October 17 : Checkpoint grades and Tablets

I have gone through your portfolios and graded the check according to THIS standards list and the list of what you needed for an A,B or below.
IF your grade is not what you want it to be, you can still fix it and email me for a regrade.
OR you can just pick up from here and do better from here on out; your last checkpoint will be worth double this one.

Please see me with any questions.

NOW we are in Checkpoint 2 territory.
Checkpoint 2 in Example Portfolio
1st- Geofilter Mockup
2nd - Tablet drawing

Today our target is: I feel confident using adobe programs and online tools to make digital art.

So we will spend the next week or so learning to control a new tool, the Wacom Tablet.

Project Goal: Create at least one image in Photoshop, using brushes, that shows hand rendering over a photograph or integrated with a photograph. 

Using a reference photo

integrated with a photo

But before that, we play (purposefully explore technical media skills).

Can you:
Set up the right size file (8x10, 300 resolution, CMYK)
Right click to choose brush size/type
Find the Brush palette to control options and pressure
Create a new layer(s) to draw on
Fill a layer with color for ground
Lock your reference layer/ adjust opacity for easy viewing
Control value of your brush
Control color of your brush
Find new brushes to use in Brush Presets (Gear in Brush palette)
Find new brushes online to load into PSD

Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday October 16 : Geofilter and Tablet start

I'm sorry I'm not here today! Home with a sick kid and hope to be back tomorrow.

Here is what you need to know:
1. I am still going through portfolios. Being home and with the patient has slowed me down. But I will be getting there and we will talk about your grades and what to do if you want to improve it.

2. I will be looking for your geofilter in your portfolio this week. Make sure you put the mockup (picture in it) in your portfolio.

3. We will spend time all week and next uploading geofilters to Snapchat should you want to.
File/ Save for Web as a PNG 23 file. Put in the class folder for submission.

4. We are next moving back to Photoshop and using brushes. This video is a preview on how to do that if you want to dive in.

Here are some examples of things students have made:

You can draw designs on a photo, or use a photo as reference and then remove it.

5. If you have other work to do for other classes since I'm not here and you have nothing to do, go ahead!!

Friday, October 13, 2017

October 13 : Geofilter png turn in

Complete your geofilter today.
1. Save with picture as JPG and put in portfolio.
2. If you want to submit it to Snapchat, remove the picture. File/ Save for Web as a PNG 23 file. Put in THIS folder for submission.

Do an extra geofilter for your portfolio or to submit.
Work with Photoshop brushes- ask Guss how to do it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Thursday October 12 : Geofilter

Continue to develop your Geofilter.

1. Save your MockUp (with the image in the file)
Integrate the design into/over the photograph.
Save the mockup as a JPG and put in your portfolio after Checkpoint 2 artwork slide.

2. If you wish to submit to Snapchat, remove the image from the file.

File/Save for Web the original design (with no picture) as a PNG.
Add the file to the folder linked below.

Target: My work communicates an idea to an audience because I have made good choices with the elements and principles.