Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday/Tuesday Nov 20/21: Moment Collages

Last Friday we talked about what you need in your portfolio so far. Please open yours so I can walk around and look at yours for a quick gradebook check.

Your last task in the Identity Unit is to create a collage using your images and monogram together.
You will create at least TWO for your portfolio check.
They include your monogram.
They include at least three images THAT YOU TOOK and EDITED.
They tell a story about a moment.
The collage is unified aesthetically.
Use a clipping mask at least once.
** to up your challenge, use patterns and pen tooling!

You need to think about a some things before you create.

CONTEXT (the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed)

Which photos will tell what story?

EDITING (do you need to edit any images so they work better together?)

What feel/mood/story are you going for?

UNITY (designing all the elements so they look like they belong together)

Does your story come through and does the design appear as ONE image?

HOW do you create a collage? Two choices.
1. Create in Illustrator. Use an app we have used before to edit images. Build the collage in Illustrator.

2. Edit and build the collage in BeFunky. Place what you built in Illustrator, add the monogram, use clipping masks and add designs.

Target: I feel confident creating designs in Adobe Illustrator.
Target: I honestly think about the elements and principles of art before/while I am making my art.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday November 17 : What you should have done by now?

Since we are about to mentally checkout and overeat turkey for several days, I thought I would make sure we take a moment and get on the same page for your gradebook.

As of today, you should be done with:
Geofilter mockup
Tablet drawing (or at least in progress)
Monogram Step 1
Monogram Step 2
Monogram Step 3
Contact sheet of images of your moment (write what the moment is)
New portfolio cover with monogram and pattern

You should be working on:
Profile mask face (goes in portfolio)
Extra clipping mask and pen tool practice for A standard (phone wallpaper, your choice)

I would like to come around Monday and look over your shoulder to make sure you are up to date.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

November 16 : Pen Tool practice and Profile

Target: I feel confident creating designs in Adobe Illustrator.
Sub Target:  Practice using the Pen Tool to create a profile silhouette photo mask.

First we are going to practice the PEN creating a PROFILE FACE 
Step One:  Use Webcam to take a pic of your PROFILE. Save to your H drive.
Step Two: Pen Tool your silhouette in Illustrator
Step Three: Find two Creative Commons images and save to your H drive
Step Four: Use Clipping Masks to create a see through silhouette

ONE is required for your portfolio- more is encouraged for Above & Beyond!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wednesday November 15 : Pen Tool and Catchup

Three things you can do today while I'm gone:

1. Practice more PEN TOOL!!! Want a refresher of the basics?
Pen Tool practice video by a designer and her practice sheet
Pen tool practice explanations and a very detailed practice sheet (download the AI file and then click on it in the download bar below to open in Illustrator)

2. Finish your Monogram Step 3 sheet and put in your portfolio

3. Finish your new Monogram Portfolio cover page and put in your portfolio

4. Do any extras for your portfolio summative grade in December!! Your portfolio needs to match my portfolio for a B. At this point to be at an A level you should have at least THREE extra pieces beyond the Checkpoint Two slide.

HERE is my portfolio (currently at a B level)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Tuesday November 14 : Silhouettes and Pen Tool and Clipping Masks

We have been moving forward in the Identity Unit with
Monogram logos
Moment photos
and learning new tools... Clipping Mask, Pattern and now PEN TOOL.

The pen tool is VERY helpful but challenging. It creates shapes and silhouettes.
What is a silhouette? (NOTES)

This exercise will be done in Adobe Illustrator using silhouettes, shapes and vectors.

How do you make a silhouette? The PEN TOOL and anchor points.

Everyone needs help with this tool. Game on...  (works in Explorer)

Or try Bezier Game

Can you:
Make straight lines
Make geometric shapes
Make curvy lines
Make a "circle"
Use the Smooth tool
Control the pen and make a closed shape.
Use ALT to break a bar.
Make a heart?

   Not this...

But this...

Monday November 13: Photoshoot & Contact Sheet, Step Three Monograms

Here is what you should work on today:
1. Photoshoot- Please create a folder called "Moment Photoshoot" with your 24 images on Drive.
*Get your images off your device (if not in Google Drive) HOW TO VIDEO HERE
2. Review of how to make a contact sheet (CONTACT SHEET VIDEO HERE)
3. Put your contact sheet in your portfolio
4. Finish Step 3 for your final Monogram in your portfolio and/or make extras
5. Complete your new portfolio cover using your monogram

Last minute ideas you can do at home tonite!!
Listening to music
Doing homework
Walking/Ride to school
Being outside
Playing an instrument
Time on the computer or phone
Watching TV
Hanging out with your pet, friend, family
Eating, cooking
Talking on the phone
Snapchating, texting, Facetiming, etc

Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday November 10 : Clipping Masks and Layers of images

Target: I feel confident creating designs in Adobe Illustrator.
Target: I honestly think about the elements and principles of art before/while I am making my art.

Your last task in the Identity Unit is to create a collage using your images and monogram together. We will start to build that next week after your images are due (WHICH IS MONDAY!!)

New technique to learn in Illustrator: Clipping Mask

Think about what image will create a strong clipping mask.
Choose COLOR and CONTRASTS wisely and be aware of TEXTURES.

Reasons to try out Clipping Mask:
1. Add it into your Portfolio Cover 3 design. (A new cover is required for portfolio)

Create a custom wallpaper for your phone (optional extra project for you and portfolio)

What are the dimensions of your phone screen...
Google it!
For example... IPhone 6 Plus is 1242 x 2208 pixels