Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday May 18 : Last actual day of class!!

Even though we are technically "done" I WILL SEE YOU AT THE FINAL! (sorry for yelling)

3rd hour- Wednesday May 23 9:25-10:35am

4th hour- Wednesday May 23 10:45-11:55am

We will:
Make sure your grades are done and square.
Make sure you have shared your tablet work.  3rd  4th
Make sure you upload any work you want to keep from your H Drive (deleted over the summer!)
Do some fun Photoshop messing around...

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Thursday May 17 : Keep working!!!

Choices today:

1. Continue tablet drawing and add to your class' slideshow (below) when you are done.
2. For bonus- create a second tablet drawing or new sticker type illustration or new GIF to share.
3. Work on whatever else you need to for this class or finals.... but USE the gift of this time!

Tablet share

Wednesday May 16 : Voting and Sharing

Today I need two things from you:

1. Please look through this SLIDESHOW AND VOTE for the best poster design for each Principle of Design. The winning design will go on the walls in the Art Dept to help next year's students.

2. When you feel your TABLET DRAWING is done, share with us by adding it into the slideshows below. You must show me what you have created by the end of class Friday.
3rd hour
4th hour

Three. Days. Left.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tuesday May 15 : Goodbye Seniors

Seniors.. this is your last VAT class!!
Make sure you:
1. Take your Art show prints home with you today.
2. Move anything from your H Drive to your Google drive or personal drive. H deletes when you graduate!!

Non seniors... continue your tablet drawings!
I will post a link to turn it in later this week.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday May 14 : last Monday!! Portfolios due and tablet work...

Happy Monday!
Things to do today:
1. Put a progress pic of your tablet piece in portfolio.
2. Portfolios are DUE NOW. NO regrades. Senior check today!
3. Work more on tablet drawing- due at Final exam period.

Project Goal: Create at least one image in Photoshop, using brushes, that shows hand rendering over a photograph or integrated with a photograph or is drawn on your own.

Open Photoshop and create a new file that is 5 x 7", 300 resolution and CMYK color code.

Your choices are:

A piece that either uses the photograph as a reference base (so it will be hidden when you are finished drawing)

A piece that incorporates the drawing on top of the photo.

or draw your own

I must see you using Brushes in Photoshop to create your piece.
I must see a photo that is ethical to use (Modifications Allowed, no Copyright, etc)
Use Value, Lines, Patterns, & Variety.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday May 11 : LAST portfolio needs

Your Summative Portfolio is due MONDAY MAY 14th at the end of class.
There will be NO REGRADES or LATE WORK accepted!!!

AND the last thing you need is to clean up the rest of your portfolio.
Open your portfolio- compare with mine. Let's adjust some things.
Guss Example Portfolio

1. On Monday- add in your IN PROGRESS tablet piece.
2. Delete Photomontage slide
3. Complete the reflection slides for Think Like an Artist, Act Like an Artist, Be Like an Artist. (Christian, Bri, Venessa, Alexis & Mikayla- optional! Just complete the Art Show slide!)
4. Delete the survey slide
5. If you want a regrade for last quarter, add a comment on slide one asking me to regrade from the start!
6. Double check you have everything you need.  Here is the checklist of what you need.

Rest of the time today- Studio time!!
You can
Print stickers
Work on portfolio
Work on tablet project.

Next week- last week!
Seniors, your last day is Tuesday
Non Seniors, we have all week to work on Tablet drawing. Choose wisely!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Thursday May 10 : More tablet options

Today I will walk you through drawing over a reference photo and doodling on a photo.

Draw over a reference photo

Doodle on a photo