Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday December 11/12 : Birds? Finish up all Photoshop tools

How are your birds? Show me, finish and we will put the bird in your portfolio as the last image needed for portfolio check.

Now let's try another thing:
Another quick technique we need learn to do this...

Use the Spot Healing brush

To get rid of eye brows or wrinkles or mess with features.

And the Clone Stamp Tool

To copy and paste parts of the face like eyes and the dark area in the mouth to brush over teeth.

Go nuts!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Friday December 8 : Finish your bird

Happy Friday!!

Please continue your bird photoshopping the best you can. For extra practice, make a layer mask on the bird layer and then mask away the background. Add in a background image to create a new place for the bird to be.

HERE is a video of the entire process...

Your goal:
A 5x7 300 resolution file
Create  the illusion of a Bird with Arms.
Use Masking, Layers, Clone Stamp and Spot Healing brush.
Put in your portfolio.

You can also:
Play with photoshop
Do more with stickers
Update your portfolio
Create extras for your portfolio

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wednesday/Thursday December 6/7: Photoshop practice

Did you know there is an art show next week?
Anomoly Advanced Artist Show, Friday December 15th 6-8pm
CG Lobby/ Free/ Art for Sale
Studio Art/ AP Photography/ AP Designers

Poster by AP Photographer and Design Production student John Veller

Finish your stickers today if you can.
Print to HPM750. Fit to Page where it says Scaling.
Did you put your JPG in your portfolio??

Photoshop Masking & Montaging : Practice more with combining images
How to?
Photoshop/ New File/ 5x7" 300 res
File/Place the bird (or bear)
File/Place the arms (or beak)
Follow along to learn the Masking tools

Birds with arms

well blended

poorly blended

 Other bird combos

Animals without necks

Bears with beaks

Extra/Above and Beyond...Celebrities without eyebrows... or teeth

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tuesday December 5

Stickers to print?
1. Finalize your letter size ( 8.5x11") page with any and all stickers you want to print.
2. From Illustrator, print to the HPM 750 printer, Letter size, Fit to Page.
3. When Guss says OK, hit print.
4. Go get your stickers. Put tape on it. Cut out stickers. Yay you have stickers!
5. Save for Web as a JPG for your portfolio and put in your portfolio.

Coming up next... Photomontage...Check some artists out

Dariusz Klimczak
Frederik Odman- montage artist with sweet website.
A cool photomontage-est
Another cool photomontager- surreal landscapes

Things we will do with Photoshop first...

Birds with Arms

Celebrities without teeth

Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday December 4 : Sticker developing

How do you prep your stickers for printing?

Create a background shape (gradient mesh? gradient? drop shadows?)
Create a new print page and fill as you wish
Print tomorrow?

Advanced Art Show next Friday- come see some amazing Photographers and Designers.
Free show! Art for sale!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Friday December 1 : Silhouettes and Stickers

Studio Time today!
Is your portfolio up to date? Should be matching MINE.
Summative grades happen in TWO WEEKS!!!!

Sticker expectations:
Mix at least TWO silhouettes and shapes together to create new images
Make good color choices
Try to create NEW imagery from non copyrighted image reference sources (though this can be done as extra credit)

Unsure how to work through techniques? Here's my video on how to make a flying hot dog.

I feel confident creating designs in Adobe Illustrator.
My work is stronger because I use the elements and principles of art/design.

Thursday November 30: Stickers

Create an idea for your Juxtaposition sticker... combining things to create new images or perhaps new meaning



Sticker GOALS:
Create a juxtaposed sticker from 2 or more reference photos using vectors & shapes
Use effective color schemes to create visually appealing stickers
Use these skills and learned experience in the future to create your own ORIGINAL designs.

**Try to create NEW imagery from non copyrighted image reference sources (though this can be done as extra credit)